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The article discusses the conditions of training for the digital economy. These issues are becoming relevant due to the fact that Russia's transition to a new technological structure - to a digital economy requires the training of competent personnel. Solving this problem is impossible without changing the approach to teaching citizens, which requires modernizing the modern education system and vocational training, bringing educational programs in line with the conditions and needs of the digital economy. Creating a digital educational environment (DEE) requires the widespread introduction and effective use of digital tools of training activities, their holistic inclusion in the information environment, ensuring the preparation and training of citizens on an individual curriculum throughout their lives, namely at any time and in any place.

The Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program notes that cadres and education are one of the key institutions within which conditions for the development of the digital economy are created. Despite existing research by domestic and foreign authors on the formation of DEE, insufficient attention is paid to the issues of training personnel for the digital economy at the regional level.

The main goal of the work is to analyze the education system, allowing the digital economy to be provided with competent personnel in higher educational institutions of the North Caucasus Federal District, as well as to study the problem of the relationship of educational levels and digital education.

The use of research methods of socio-economic phenomena: abstract logical, statistical, expert assessments, methods of graphical and tabular analysis allowed the authors to ensure the validity of estimates and conclusions.

The study led to the conclusion about the need to change the quality requirements and ways of getting education, the existence of problems in training personnel for the digital economy at the regional level, due to inequality of access to IT-technologies, different levels of preparedness of higher education institutions of the North Caucasus Federal District, inconsistency of standards and other regulations realities

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