Wetting of Reactor Steels by a PbBi Eutectic Melt with Lithium

  • 21 июля 2019 г.
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The wetting of 12Cr18Ni10Ti and EK-173 reactor steels by an eutectic melt of PbBi with lithium  under conditions of a vacuum and an argon atmosphere is studied in a wide range of temperatures. A tendency is observed toward the improved wetting of 12Cr18Ni10Ti steel with a higher lithium content in a eutectic melt of PbBi. It is found that an eutectic PbBi alloy with 20.86 at % of Li content tends to improve the wetting process under the conditions of a vacuum and an argon environment.

Опубликовано: Мурат Хоконов

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